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Car Donation to Forest Home

pexels photo 699558There’s nothing like that mountaintop experience. You go to camp feeling beaten down by the cares of the world, maybe even defeated, and when you descend from the higher altitudes, you feel renewed, energized and transformed.

Every year, more than 45,000 campers get to have that experience, thanks to Forest Home. Not only that, they get to explore the word of God, encounter Jesus, and return ready to engage the world.

You can support their mission when you donate a car to Forest Home camp facilities.

Why donate my car to Forest Home?

Tithing is one thing, but when a Christian ministry comes along that hits a chord with you, it’s really meaningful. To further the kingdom of Christ while enabling more people to have the time of their lives on the mountaintop is a priceless opportunity!

Forest Home campers get the chance to spend quiet time with the Lord without daily interruptions and distractions and hear from motivational speakers who challenge and inspire them. They have time for reflection, to recommit to their walk with God and to draft new priorities.

It’s an extraordinary experience, yet something as ordinary as the car you no longer need can make it a reality for more men and women, boys and girls.

Are you considering downsizing? Are your kids grown adults now, so you don’t need the Escalade or Yukon anymore? If you’ve been wanting to save money on gas by driving a hybrid, now you can feel doubly good about it by donating a car to Forest Home through Best Car Donations Company.

A lot of families can’t afford to go to Forest Home, and a lot of kids in youth groups all over California want to join their peers at camp, but their parents work so hard and barely make ends meet already. You can be that life saver. Are you pouring money into your 10- to 15-year-old car? Imagine driving something more reliable, while gaining a tax write-off – PLUS making an impact on someone who desperately needs Jesus. That’s what a car, truck or SUV donation to Forest Home can do!

What happens when I make a vehicle donation to Forest Home?

It’s very simple! With just a quick phone call to us at 888-250-4490 or through our online form, you’re on your way to providing a pexels photo 66090child of God the week of a lifetime.

We handle the entire process, here at Best Car Donations Company, first by sending our skilled towing expert to pick up your donation car, at a time and place that’s convenient for you. Is your car stranded at the repair shop? Or in the parking lot at work? No problem!]

And once we take the keys, you can start shopping for your next vehicle. There’s no preparing your car for sale – no washing, vacuuming, photographing or searching for the perfect platform to post your car. We handle all of it, even the DMV paperwork! (You probably won’t miss that part.)

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Can I get a Forest Home car donation tax deduction?

Yes – it’s a wise choice for your tax situation, according to experts, including partners at an Orange County CPA firm.

At Best Car Donations Company you get an added bonus. Through our unique process the value of your auto donation rises, according to our research, because we assess your car charity donation to Forest Home and determine if upgrades or repairs are appropriate for your vehicle. This maximizes your donation, giving you a sizable tax break and Forest Home more money. We’ve found that by making these kinds of improvements we typically raise your car’s value by 25-50%!

You can be confident, also, that our process is honest and transparent. We follow all of the IRS regulations involved in auto donations. After the sale, we report the final price to you and Forest Home. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total.

Can I donate an RV or make a motorcycle donation to Forest Home?

kids youth pantsWe can process your RV donation to Forest Home, whether you’ve got a Winnebago you no longer use, or a trailer, Volkswagen Vanagon or anything else.

Did you take James Dobson’s lead and take up motorcycle riding in retirement? Perhaps you’ve joined the nearest chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association. If you’re hitting the road in something less reliable than you’d like, let us know. You can donate a motorcycle to Forest Home.

Do you love to play outdoors and have all the “toys”? Whether it’s a dirt bike, snowmobile or jet skis – we can turn them into support for Forest Home! If you want to clear out your collection of any of those, such as donate a golf cart to Forest Home, we’re happy to help you.

Are you a fisherman, or like to water ski? If it’s time for new watercraft, give us a call. You can donate a boat to Forest Home also.

Are you needlessly paying for a storage unit? It may be a good time to clean it out. And look at the benefit you can bring to the lives of young people and adults who need that experience of love and fellowship they can have at camp.

From speakers and meals to counseling and games, a car donation to Forest Home through Best Car Donations Company can help them cover costs associated with this amazing California resource. We pick up your donation vehicle fast and free, solving a problem for you while offering your generosity to others.

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